At Summit Consulting Group we ensure that
you and your systems are all working together
at peak performance.


We are dedicated to bringing clients high-quality and dependable SAP consulting services. Our team of experts advises clients on project management, planning, and strategic business solutions to increase acumen, functionality, and leadership among technical teams. This results in cost effective solutions and improved efficacy allowing you to
go further, reach higher, and achieve more.

Our intimate knowledge of the SAP product line and our unparalleled contacts within the SAP development and management organization offer a distinct advantage over our competition. Our firm not only knows SAP software, we were on the ground from the start overseeing the U.S. Public Sector solution its development and growth. We bring this level of expertise to all of our clients, big or small, private sector or public. As a result, our clients benefit from superior, streamlined services and management that is second to none.