Who We Are

Our principals founded Summit Consulting Group out of a desire to assist organizations to perform better. Between them, our principals have worked directly on SAP technology for more than 40 years, perfecting it and watching it grow. Still, something was missing. It was the aspiration to see its implementation in practice and ensure more seamless execution. In short, we wanted to help clients yield the greatest benefits this technology had to offer.


Matthew Dixon, Principal

Co-founder of Summit Consulting Group, Matthew specializes
in SAP Public Sector implementations. He assists in the Firm’s
Financial, Procurement, Tax and Revenue, Grants Management,
Budget Preparation, Higher Education, and Project
Management efforts.  


Matthew has managed large, complex projects with significant impact
on the SAP marketing and sales pipeline, including Federal
Financials Certification (FSIO and formerly JFMIP), Title 5 Human
Resources Requirements, and Section 508 Accessibility Compliance. 


Prior to Summit, Matthew was the Vice President of the Public Sector Field Services and Enablement for SAP, where he managed large, complex projects which provided significant market impact to SAP. Some of the projects Matthew managed during his tenure at SAP include U.S. Federal Financials, State and Local Financials, Procurement for Public Sector, Tax and Revenue Management, Grants Management, Budget Preparation, and Higher Education.


Paul Hanifan, Principal

Co-founder of Summit Consulting Group, Paul brings more than 20 years of consulting experience to his work at Summit Consulting Group.


Paul specializes in SAP logistics modules including Materials
Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Procurement
for Public Sector. Paul has extensive knowledge of the public sector
industry having worked on projects demanding SAP experience in
Healthcare, State and Local Government, Federal Agencies,
and Defense.


His experience includes implementation, training and course
development, and system configuration for various SAP implementation and development projects.

Summit Consulting

At Summit Consulting Group we believe businesses can achieve more and spend less when technology is working optimally—and that’s what we help our clients achieve.

We build mutual trust and work with clients to ensure their implementations are successful and their technology teams are trained so that, together, their organization is functioning at peak performance.



Randy Gaylor, Principal

Randy is a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) and former U.S. Air Force Contracting Officer with over thirty years of domestic and international contracting experience; including major weapon systems, research and development, Inventory Control Point , Logistic Support and Base Operations/Maintenance.  Randy joined Summit Consulting Group in 2012,  responsible for contracting, administration and business development. 


Prior to joining Summit, Randy spent ten years at SAP as an Acquisition Subject Matter Expert and the Solution Architect leading the functional design of SAP’s Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) – the first fully integrated procurement offering for an ERP system focused for the Public Sector market. He directed a multi-national and globally dispersed team to design and deliver the PPS offering licensed at over 150 sites world-wide, expanding beyond Government organizations and into major utilities, national banking institutions, and A&D contractors.

Driving practical solutions to
achieve optimal system performance.